Systeme und Lösungen zur Bewegungssteuerung seit 1976

CMZ develops, manufactures and sells electronic systems for industrial automation.

From a standard architecture, CMZ operates on projects with a deep level of customization in full synergy with its customers from engineering, to software and hardware development, production and after-sale technical support, by applying its expertise on a variety of automated machines.

The offering includes a complete portfolio of solutions and components matching the most advanced configurations:
• Master controllers IEC61131 up to 99 axis
• Brushless & stepper drives & motors, integrated or stand-alone versions
• Ready-to-use application libraries
• Peripherals and I/O modules
• Integrated vision systems based on machine learning technology
• HMI terminals.

Established in 1976 focusing on controllers, the company is a Research Laboratory certified by the University of Padua. The systems realized to date in its plant count over 125,000 units. CMZ is part of SOGA ENERGY TEAM industrial group operating in energy, motion and control since 1966.