13.02.2020 Brushless servomotors IBD. Preview SPS Italia

Brushless Motors with integrated Drive

Processes become even more efficient.

CMZ focuses its technical research on simplifing industrial processes.

The new IBD series brushless synchronous motors with integrated electronics, offer the best of control and power in a compact space. The decentralized drive system, directly set on the motor, implies the motion architecture of the machine to be deeply simplified: reduced wiring, more linear machine design, processes much more optimized and increasingly efficient.

Our brushless motors are available with torque from 1.2 to 30 Nm. Each model can be made with solutions designed exclusively for the specific project of the manufacturer, both about electronics and mechanics.

The strong technological integration between cmz electronics and the electromechanical solidity makes of IBD motors innovative components, expressing the best of Made in Italy production.

Other features:
Programmable according to IEC 61131.
Power supply 560 Vdc nominal.
Daisy chain versions.
UL certification on request.


Ask for the datasheet: marketing@cmz.it