27.07.2020 Focus OPC UA standard. CMZ paper from I2MTC 2020 conference

CMZ presents the results of analysis carried out to evaluate the performance of 3 main implementations of OPC UA standard with University of Padua Italy in a paper published at international conference I2MTC 2020 "IEEE INTERNATIONAL INSTRUMENTATION AND MEASUREMENT TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE" held last May from 25 to 28 in its new digital format.

Industry 4.0 is changing every aspect of industrial automation. Production processes, modularity and interoperability between machinery, computing and communication infrastructures are just some examples of elements that are moving towards the concept of smart factories capable of dynamically adapting to the needs of the industry. CMZ has always been sensitive to these issues; for this reason, it is updating its FCT line of controllers with the latest technologies in the field of IIoT Industrial Internet of Things.

In the scenario of industrial communication protocols, the OPC UA standard is currently becoming a widespread opportunity to allow interoperability between heterogeneous industrial systems. A typical application of OPC UA is the creation of interoperable communications between PLCs and SCADA systems, ensuring effective monitoring and control of the plant with a high level of data protection against attacks and threats.
However, OPC UA is characterized by a complex architecture, which can represent a bottleneck in terms of performance and ease of implementation on devices with limited resources.

Motivated by these considerations, CMZ in collaboration with the University of Padova, Italy, carried out an experimental campaign to evaluate the performance of 3 main implementations of OPC UA, focusing particularly on the analysis of protocol response times. For each of the implementations, different combinations of operating systems and CPU configurations were analyzed in order to obtain the best possible performance.

In this context, Industry 4.0 does not only mean cutting-edge technology, but also respect for the environment. For this reason, the analysis also considered the effects on energy consumption of the various analyzed configurations.

The results of the analysis are published in an article entitled "Assessment of Different OPC UA Industrial IoT solutions for Distributed Measurement Applications" presented at I2MTC 2020 international conference "IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference" last May 25th to 28th.

The paper is available on IEEE website after registration: ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/9129474

I2MTC 2020 conference: i2mtc2020.ieee-ims.org