30.06.2020 CMZ for Food, Beverage & Packaging

We are in Food Processing magazine dedicated to Food, Beverage & Packaging industries where CMZ has been a leader from more than 30 years with our highly specialized competence in developing motion control solutions for a very wide range of automated machines, along the entire industrial process starting from loading, weighing, labelling, end line, up to the development of vision and illumination systems.

CMZ solutions include software solutions such as libraries with customized functions for axis control, applications Apps ready-to-use and easily configurable (which can always be integrated with other applications already in use by the manufacturer), alongside with the newest Cognitive V software that uses machine learning algorithms for integrating hi-tech vision systems both with CMZ controllers and with others available on the market: the perfect combination for manufacturers of machines pursuing Industry 4.0.

Our advanced and consolidated skills, set our long-standing collaborations with many companies excelling all over the world: manufacturers of machines such as vertical and horizontal flowpacks, loading systems, multihead and linear weighers, filling and bottling machines, end line, capping and labelling machines.

We have chosen Food Processing, distributed in Europe and America, to launch the new advertising page on our latest generation components: the brushless and stepless servo drives and motors of IBD and ISD series with integrated electronics, completely developed by CMZ on “tailor-made” logics for the most innovative and demanding manufacturers in multiaxis control.

IBD & ISD series provide high performance at high and low speed, maximum control, connectivity, internal programmability IEC61131-3 compliant.

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IBD brushless motors: www.cmz.it/en/ibd.html

ISD stepless drives: www.cmz.it/en/isd.html

Browse the magazine (CMZ is on page 17): www.editricezeus.net/riviste/fp.pdf