CMZ has pursued a long line of specialization in the beverage sector, which has
many different needs in the different phases of production by focusing in particular
on machines such as:

  • Filling machine
  • Labelling machine
  • Capping machine
  • Blowing machine

There are many hardware solutions that CMZ shall make available to the customer
but the most innovative and used in this area relates to the movement system based
on servo motors with integrated electronics controlled via fieldbus (CANopen,
EtherCAT) from a master controller of the series FCT with the aim to minimize the
electrical wiring. Excellent companies in the beverage field use the integrated solution
(centralized or decentralized) for their applications.

Labelling machine

In a labelling machine you can often distinguish two parts: 

Capping machine

The capping machines fit within a packaging line and are used to effect the closing of various types of bottles and caps.