Brushless drives & motors

CMZ offers a complete set of servo drives suitable for all requirements of performance and price. We offer two types of brushless drive: LBD and EASY series, both standalone drives for cabinet for synchronous AC motors.

LBD Drive is a stand alone brushless drive to install on cabinet for synchronous AC motors extremely compact, reliable trustworthy and great high-performance. The wide range with 230 Vac single phase solutions and 400 three-phase 400 Vac solutions in combination with the brushless motors of the MMB series makes it suitable for all applications on machines with high kinematic performance. The CANopen and EtherCAT interface makes it particularly suitable for use with FCT controllers. Also available interfacing analog inputs and stepper motor simulation. The system is equipped with the standard safety functions STO at SIL2 level.

EASY, the drive easy-to-use, which is also extremely compact and performing is only available in the version to 230 Vac. Due to its cost and its enhanced features, it is extremely useful and practical for applications where price is a factor.