CD1-K brushless drive is part of the CMZ digital solution based on CANopen bus (DS402 profile).
The range is made up of drives from 4,5 up to 10,5A (Peak current) at 230Vac and from 2,7A up to 90A (Peak current) at 400 Vac. 
Input voltage230 Vac: 1 o 3 phases, 400-480 Vac: 3 phases
Available current (Peak)230 Vac: 4,5A-10,5A 400-480 Vac: 2,7A-7,2A -14A -30A -45A -70A-90A
Communication portsCANopen DS402
Input/Outputs230 Vac: 6 logic inputs, 4 logic outputs 400-480 Vac: 1 relay outputs, 2 analog inputs
Encoder outputincremental, line driver, programmable resolution from 64 to 16384 p/r
Input Feedback 16 bit resolver, incremental encoder, Sin/Cos encoder, Sin/Cos single turn or multiturns, HIPERFACE, ENDAT