CMZ Sistemi Elettronici has been designing and making programmable controllers for industrial automation since 1976. Today offers a complete range of products, standard or custom, that allow to realize configuration with every type of complexity suitable for every specific need. The range includes:
  • Axis controller IEC61131 with integrated PLC
  • Drives and motors (integrated and traditional version)
  • HMI
  • I/O modules
FieldBUS have been thoroughly researched and all CMZ systems envisage the use of communication buses, such as the CAN Bus and EtherCAT.
In addition to its standard systems CMZ develops dedicated designs, being certificated as a Research Laboratory for this purpose. An international sales network ensures full service not only in Italy but also abroad.
Years of experience in the sector have allowed axis control methods to be refined, so some dedicated software packages have been created for certain special applications.
Furthermore real configurable applicatives that provide all the typical characteristics of a machine have been created as well.