Controllers NF0 series

NF0 line consists of high performance systems for axes control.

The NF0 controllers add up to itself the functions of axes controller, PLC and master of a network.

It therefore presents a big use flexibility.

The system controllers are programmable in AWL language or in Forth.


CTE158 is a compact axis controller with operator panel integrated. It includes three fundamental functions in the field of industrial automation:


CTE240 is a multifunctional system at high performances for axes control: From 2 to 4 analog axes, up to 14 Axes controlled utilizing the digital communication through standard CANopen ports.


CTN230 is a controller system for machines at high integration with functions like PLC and axes controls.


CTN330 is a compact unit of control axes stand alone with PLC integrated.


CTN560 is compact axes control unit with integrated PLC functions based on 32 bit Motorola microprocessor.


TS 1002 is a Touch screen color with graphic TFT LCD utilizing the CANopen Communication protocol to control axes and PLC integrated function