Custom Products

With its 30 years experience in the electronics field, CMZ, being also a certified Research Laboratory, offers an electronic equipment and board design and engineering service upon customer specifications. Experience in different sectors of industrial automation and electronics in general enables CMZ to cooperate fully with the customer in defining the actual specifications.
The company also produces what it has designed using the same processes and quality standards of standard products.
Textile: crochet machines, jacquard machines
• control boards for solenoid valves and electromagnets with optical fibre interface
• controller up to 32 brushless actuators with EtherCAT and CANopen interface
Dedicated machine tools
• board for the control of three Stepless™ axes with CANopen DS402 - interpolated mode (real time)
• CNC for the control of 3 axes (X,Y and B) and 1 auxiliary (Z), 30 IN and 12 OUT
Expansions: Profibus, Ethernet, CANopen e DeviceNET
Beverage: blowing machines
control system for IR lamps for heating PET preforms with communication interface Ethernet/IP
Energy saving: solar concentrator
system for control of the orientation of the solar concentrator
Dosing and weighing
• weighing system with integrated PLC, programmable in IEC 61131. It acquires a load cell and manages a number of analog/digital peripherals
• CANopen module for the control of vibrating channels
CanOPEN three stepper device
CANopen device for piloting three stepper motors in open loop.
The peripheral is stand alone with cascade power supply up to six devices.