Brushless drive 230V AC

EASY brushless drives are available in CANopen (DS402 profile) version.

The range includes size 17A (peak current) to 230Vac.

Power supply230Vac
Logic supply 24Vdc
Rated current4 Arms
Peak current17 Arms
FeedbackResolver, Incremental encoder
Encoder emulation-
Index input-
Switch +/- input-
Capture input -
Analog input 1
Analog input 2
Analog input
Digital output 2 configurable digital outputs
Braking resistor
STO functionSafe torque off STO SIL1
CANbus speed and node IDby Gem Drive Studio
Temperature sensor of the motor
EMC filter
Dimensions (mm)H185xW52,5xD130,99
Weight (Kg)1,5
Avalable versionsCANopen

Used with