CMZ was established as a technical design office for microprocessor systems. It was the era of paper tape and Teletype. The Rockwell PPS8 microprocessor was used in PMOS technology. The field of applications was very wide, ranging from industry to medicine to management.
Microprocessor technology was geared towards NMOS and CMZ chose the Rockwell 6502. It continued its hardware and software design and small lot production of systems.
The first standard product (i.e. not commissioned directly by a customer) was designed. It was a modular system, called NF0, with proprietary bus based on the 6502 microprocessor. The system was made programmable in FORTH language, although the programming was still carried out by CMZ. This system found many applications in the automation of local industrial machines, which were starting to increase rapidly.
A card for the NF0 system was designed, based on the MC68000 microprocessor, and the opportunity was taken of implementing a multitasking real-time operating system. The FORTH language was extended to 32 bit. The design and construction of custom-made systems with various microcontrollers also continued.
It was decided to aim for system programmability by the end user and an AWL compiler was consequently set up to make the system work like a PLC.
CMZ adopts the microprocessors based on Motorola CPU32, 68000 evolution. Compact controllers are joined to the modular system of the NF0 series. System controllers are projected also for other companies that market them.
CMZ became a Research Laboratory, officially recognised by the Ministry for Scientific Research. Customers using its design service could benefit from financing provided under Italian Law 297 (transfer of technology).
CMZ recognised the need to implement software libraries to facilitate customers’ work in setting up their machines. The first library was the Fying shear library followed by all the others.
CMZ decided to implement a field bus for its systems and chose the CAN bus. It consequently fabricated various remote modules and inserted the network master in the produced systems. The application level of the protocol was proprietary, since the various standards came out at a later date.
CMZ continued to increase the performance of its systems in terms of both hardware and software. New systems, new libraries and programming tools were designed. The design and production of dedicated system also continued. The organisation of an international sales network was defined, also to offer engineering and technical support.
The CMZ integrators were widely distributed. High specialisation in packaging and robotic applications with the creation of relative libraries.
Adoption of the CAN open as standard communication protocol for remote units.
Inauguration of the new facilities and enlargement of the production and R&D departments.
Official presentation of the new series TS1002: Terminal/controller touch screen 10,5" colour TFT with CANOpen standard interface versus axes motion control and remote I/O's.
Design and market launch of the new stepper drives generation series SDS: pulse/direction, RS232 and CANopen version.
CMZ definitively enter into the world of drives and brushless motors: presentation of the new Full Digital System (motion control+dives+motor). New drives series CD1 and salient poles motors series SMB.
Afterward AWL programmability, CMZ decides to pass to the standard IEC61131 programmability to keeb always up with market requests and to make easy the work of own customers: constitution of FCT line with the first FCT241 controller based on PowerPC processor
Constitution of ISD line, closed loop integrated system composed by 2 phases high torque synchronous motor, full digital servodrive, encoder and field bus communication.
Distribution network became bigger abroad and in Italy.
FCT line makes rich with another model: FCT200, cheaper solution for applications up to 8 axis.
ISD line makes rich with another system: SVM, stand-alone version of the ISD servo drive.
Introduction of the HMI family that complement the range of CMZ products, from the cheaper versions but equipped with all the necessary basic functions, to more sophisticated versions.
Additional model for the line FCT: FCT300 that controls up to 99 axes both in CANopen and EtherCAT
Introduction of the new series of brushless drives stand alone called LBD
Introduction of the new line of brushless motors with integrated drive called IBD, Integrated Drive Brushless
New sizes for the IBD series
Software and applications libraries: Introduction of CODESYS as a development environment alongside the consolidated 4CONTROL and formalized licenses for multihead weighers, Linear, horizontal, vertical APPS.
Still news for the series of brushless motors and drives, NEAR BY comes, drive IP65 for rotary and linear brushless motors.
New distributor in Mexico, for the development of applications with CMZ products, service and sales.
New sizes for the IBD seris, arrives IBD flange 60, compact and super efficient motor
CMZ is acquired by SOGA ENERGY TEAM group, manufacturer of rotating electric machines since 1966. A synergy, merging CMZ electronic skills into SOGA electromechanical expertise.