IBD is the brushless servomotor with integrated drive available on sizes: 1,22 Nm - 3 Nm – 6 Nm – 15Nm - 30 Nm (continuous torque).
The system can work in a double way. It can be controlled by a master controller through different types of interfaces:
  • EtherCAT CoE profile DS402
  • CANopen profile DS402
  • Step/direction (except for flange 60)
  • Analog input (except for flange 60)
  • PROFINET RT non-isochronous cyclic (on IBD flange 60)

IBD servomotors with integrated drive are also suitable for stand alone mode, for applications do not requiring strict synchronism among the axes. In this way IBD, thanks to its internal PLC, can manage the entire machine cycle.

The internal programmability of IBD systems uses the ST language of the IEC61131 development environment enriched by motion functions MC_ (Velocity, Positioning, Homing, Gearing), system functions SYS_ (execution of code sections on event, R / W of all system variables) and functions for managing the peripherals on board IO_

Power supply Nominal 560Vdc(min 310Vdc max 750Vdc)
Sizes1,22 Nm - 3 Nm - 6 Nm - 15 Nm, 30 Nm @nominal speed 3000 rpm
FeedbackAbsolute encoder Hiperface single or multi speed
On-board digital inputs6 DI 24 Vdc PNP configurabili (except for flange 60)
3 DI 24 Vdc PNP configurabili (for flange 60)
On-board bidirectional inputs / outputs 1 DI / DO bidirectional inputs / outputs (except for flange 60)
1 DI / DO bidirectional inputs / outputs (for flange 60)
On-board differential bidirectional inputs / outputs3 DI / DO differential bidirectional inputs / outputs (except for flange 60)
On-board digital outputs3 DO 24 Vdc PNP 300 mA (except for flange 60)
2 DO 24 Vdc PNP 200 mA (for flange 60)
On-board analogic inputs1 AI +/-10V (except for flange 60)
STO safety/STO single channel certified SIL3 PL ‘dp’ category 2 (except for flange 60)
/STO1 /STO2 double channel – certification in progress on flange 60
InterfacesEtherCAT, CANopen, PROFINET (on flange 60)
ConnectionPower daisy chain on IBD flange 60
CANOpen device profile DS402
EtherCAT CoE device profile DS402
Internal programmability in accordance with the IEC61131 standard, ST language
Capture input
PC parameterization tools
Protection: I2t, Overload, Short circuit, Overtemperature, Overvoltage