Integrated Stepless Drive
ISD is a closed loop integrated system composed by: 2 phases high torque synchronous motor, full digital servodrive, encoder and field bus communication.
The servodrive (real time closed loop) technology, unlike the traditional chopping mode, allows to reach big advantages in terms of thermal dissipation, low noise, performances with low cost.
Power supply range from 45 to135 Vdc.
Available many values of holding torque.
 Functionality mode:
- Speed, position, torque control 
- Gearing and electronic cams 
- Real time interpolated mode with cubic and linear interpolation
- Integrated positioning
- Internal PLC programmable according to IEC61131
 Available version:
- Profibus-DP
- CANopen (DS402)
- Step/dir
- ±10V with encoder simulated output