LBD 400V

Brushless drives 400V

LBD brushless drive series is available in CANopen (DS402), EtherCAT, ± 10V pulse/direction.

A new version managing the digital feedback HIPERFACE DSL and EnDat 2.2 is available.

The range includes drives from 8A to200A (peak current) @400V AC.

Power supply400Vac three phases
Logic supply24Vdc
Rated current4/10/22,5/35/75 A
Peak current8/20/45/100/200 A
FeedbackResolver, TTL incremental encoder, TTL incremental encoder+HES, SinCos, SinCos+HES, HIPERFACE absolute encoder single and multiturn, digital HIPERFACE DSL absolute encoder, digital EnDat 2.2 absolute encoder, linear absolute encoder
Encoder Emulation TTL incremental (differential output)
Index input24Vdc optoisolated
Switch +/- input24Vdc optoisolated
Ingresso cattura quote24Vdc optoisolated
Analog input 112bits +/-10V differential
Analog input 212bits +/-10V referred to GND
Analog outputs8 bits 2,5V
Digital outputs 3 parameterizable outputs at 24Vdc max 300mA with connections dedicated to the break control (external power source required)
Breaking resistor30W included. External connection available
Funzione STO function; 2 chanels, SIL2 compliant
InterfaceCANopen (2 connectors RJ45) EherCAT ± 10V pulse/direction
Speed/adress CANthrough dip-switches
Temperature motor sensorPTC/NTC
EMC filter integrated inductance
Dimensions (mm)H 220 X W 70 X D 182 (008,020,045A) e H 220 X W 80 X D 206
Wheigh(Kg)2,2 (008, 020) - 2,4 (0,45) - 3,3 (100)
Available versions CANopen (DS402), EtherCAT