Master Controllers

CMZ expertise in PLCs dates back in the ‘90s with the first series NF0, based on proprietary "structured AWL language".

The constant technological evolution goes on with the realization of FCT200 and FCT300 series of controllers, programmable up to 99 axis according to IEC61131 standard. Black-box systems equipped with PowerPC processor and CANopen and EtherCAT masters, suitable for CODESYS and 4CONTROL environments.

Today, for industrial motion control CMZ offers FCT640 master controller for Industry 4.0: modular, ultra-compact, high performing system, based on CODESYS 3.5 with integrated I/Os. The controller is equipped with all fieldbuses used in industrial applications (EtherCAT, CANopen, ModbusTCP, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET) and integrated, componible I/O units both digital and analogic.