The 30 years of experience developed in the packaging industry have led to
advanced knowledge in the construction of machines such as:

  • Horizontal packaging machine (HFFS)
  • Vertical packaging machine (VFFS)
  • Loading systems and smart belts
  • End line

The traditional approach in the implementation of the applications is the development of applications using a good development environment, motion libraries, specific libraries and application programs to customize.

The libraries of functions that the programmer can use as part of its application, allow a great freedom to customize the program and can be easily integrated with other custom features. The flexibility of the software allows you to manage in an easy manner many of the characteristics normally found in the most modern machines.

The acquired knowledge quickly allowed to CMZ to push beyond the traditional approach described above, by proposing also real-configurable applications which provide all the characteristics of a machine and a number of advantages:

  • Reduction of commissioning and time to market
  • Reduced investment by the manufacturer in the development of the software
  • It is not necessary to have a programmer in commissioning
  • Ability for the customer to directly change the mode of operation