Programmable Controllers

CMZ has always used PLC approach for every type of applications. With the development of its own "structured AWL language", PLC approach has been always successful for the standard controllers of NF0 line.

The natural evolution of this approach has led more than 10 years to the creation of a family of standard controllers, FCT series (FCT200 and FCT300), programmable according to the IEC61131 standard, black box systems equipped with a PowerPC processor and master CANopen and EtherCAT. Both the CODESYS and 4CONTROL platform development environment are available, so the user has two possibilities for software development on the same hardware.

However, it lacked the CMZ line of controllers, a modular, super-compact and high performance system that could be placed even closer to the market leaders. In 2018 was born FCT640 able to summarize a whole series of advantages in a single and compact technological equipment. FCT640 integrates motion control solutions with CODESYS (as development environment). The new controller is also equipped with all the communication buses used in the automation sector (EtherCAT, CANopen, ModbusTCP, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET) and integrated digital/analog inputs/outputs. The choice of the integrated OPC UA standard protocol allows an efficient and safe communication to the outside world and promotes better connectivity with other devices, the basis for interoperability in an INDUSTRIA 4.0 perspective. The technological equipment of this controller is enhanced by the power of the new processor installed, the presence of Ethernet and CAN ports, serial ports and a total memory capacity of over 1 GB plus an SD card.