SD Setup

SD SetUp is the development environment for the configuration, parameterization, tuning and programming of the drives ISD/SVM and IBD using the RS232 serial connection or a centralized connection through a fieldbus when the master controller is a controller of the FCT family. It is a software that combines various tools such as:
- Instant monitor of the main variables of the system, but also of all the secondary variables through an access to vocabulary
- Configuration of the system (such as configuration of the digitals I/O modules and the maximum limits of speed/acceleration)
- Updating of parameters and firmware
- Auto-tuning and dedicated tuning of the current loops, speed and position, with help of procedures for self-esteem of the moment of inertia
- Oscilloscope for the analysis of the variables
- Tools for testing of basic movements (Stimulus)
Finally, recalling that the systems are also programmable, SD SetUp is also proposed as a tool that allows editing and debugging programs written in IEC61131 type Structured Test.

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