Software Environment

Since more than 30 years CMZ has applied, in the planning and in the construction of its own controllers, PLC approach in every type of applications, in particular in the motion control field. This philosophy has always turned out successful for NF0 standard controllers, programmable in AWL language trough WiDe environment.
The natural evolution of this approach has leaded up to the realization of a new family of standard controllers programmable in IEC61131, trough 4CONTROL environment. But today there is a double alternative to program our controllers. Next to the development environment 4CONTROL will be available CODESYS in the version 3.5 for which the user will have two possibilities for the development of the software on the same hardware



It is currently the most widespread and wellknown development environment non-proprietary.


4CONTROL provides in turn all the programming tools for FCT series. The use of this powerful platform has also allowed an evolution in the ways of generating axes motion trajectory.

SD Setup

SD SetUp is the development environment for the configuration, parameterization, tuning and programming of the drives ISD/SVM and IBD using the RS232 serial connection or a centralized connection t

Gem Drive Studio

Gem Drive Studio (GDS) is the development environment for configuration, parameterization and tuning of the LBD drives using RS232 or a centralized connection via fieldbus.

Panel designer

The PM Designer is a simple and intuitive development environment that, without the need of any other software instrument, allows to realize the GUI (Graphical User Interface) and to program the fu