Software libraries

Software libraries offer the programmer some tools to make easier the realization of the typical applications in the industrial automation field. They are available in download area of the web site. Besides the realization of these typical applications, CMZ is always available for studying ad hoc solutions for his customers. Here below we list the main CMZ libraries and the typical applications in which they are used:
Flying shear Management of the basis movement cycle of a moving carriage Cutting and working of material in movement(metal sheet, plastic, wood, etc)
Electronics cams Movement of a slave in relation with a master. The movement is described by a master-slave positions table with many interpolation modalities between points.Very common librery in the automation field. It allows to control in easy way an axis movement.
InterpolationSynchronized movement of many axes. The movement is described by a table of positions with a lot of interpolation a lot of interpolation modalities between points.Materials processing, palletizers, pick and place, generic movement
MODBUSManagement of the MODBUS protocol, on various communication ports, both in master modalities and slave Intercommunication between systems, connections of panels and other devices to the controller.
(P)PCCOMCommunication between a PC and a controllerIt allows to interface program that runs in a PC with the program that runs in the controller.
Embedded fileControl of mass memory of the controller Saving and restoring of user data in the mass memory (compact flash or SD)
ProfibusDPControl of ProfibusDP interface ( Hardware option) Make the controller able to work as ProfibusDP node and so to exchange data with a master.
Flowpack and vertical packaging machine appComplete control of a flow-pack or a vertical wrapping machine Offers the complete realization of a flow-pack or vertical packaging machine. It allows to configure a lot of options
Linear and multihead weigher appComplete control of a linear or multihead packaging machineOffers the complete realization of a linear or multihead packaging machine. It allows to configure a lot of options
ISOManagement of an ISO file (G Code) Allows the execution of a movement with 9 interpolated axes described by a G Code file