Spare parts

General Sales Conditions for Spare Parts
The following spare parts are provided as a result of the following constraints:
o The machine manufacturer (OEM) has approved the sale
o The spare applicant has no longer the the supplier to contact
o CMZ is not responsible for the application software and / or setting parameters residing in the damaged part. If they are damaged, CMZ will still have the right to be payed for HW repair
o No modification (repair) of the application software without source programs is possible and CMZ has no responsibility for this.
o The customer must complete the CMZ site form under the item "SPARE PARTS" . Indicating strictly the product code and serial number strictly.

List of codes out of production

We hereby advise our customers that the following products are officially out of production.


NF0 line consists of high performance systems for axes control.


This is WiDe, the work environment which, installed on your PC, offers all the programming tools that allow an application to be developed with old CMZ systems of the NF0 line.


Brushless drives CD1-K series

VD Setup

VD setup is the development environment for the configuration, parameterization and tuning of the CD1K drives using RS232.


MMPV035-TST - MMPV057-TST MMPV084-TNT/MMPV121-TNT   Embedded System from 3,5" to 12.1"