Vertical packaging machine

FCT_AP - VFFS configurable applicatives directly from HMI.

Management of:

  • Discharge: management of output belt, discharge of empty and bad package, control signals with the rest of the line
  • Sealing and cutting of the package: head regulation,  weilding product check, jaws closing management and knife management, programmed cut
  • Forming of the package: unwinder,  change of the film coil, touch probe, puller, printer, labeller welding wheels,  regulationof the height wheels, misplaced product management
  • Loading: chain with fingers or belt, product control, waste, customized loaders
  • Feeding:  control signals of the line, pile-up belt, phasing belt


  • Logo
  • Scalable managementof the application
  • Implementation specifics (electrical plant)
  • Manuals of the components
  • User's Manual in Italian and English (the source)
  • Telephone assistance included